Troubleshooting LED Lights

The most common problem reported in our LED lights is Flickering LED’s. This is usually caused by 1 of 2 things:

(1) a cold solder joint in the strip or (2) a bad connection in the power lead.

1) If the flickering affects a partial strip, it is usually a cold solder joint. Power failure in the strip needs to be repaired by us in our shop. If you are overseas where shipping is expensive, it can be fixed by a very qualified technician familiar with soldering low heat delicate circuit boards. If you choose this route, we will not warranty that techs work, but we will repair it for free as long as the light has not been destroyed. See “what to do” below.

2) If it affects the entire light, it is usually a lead wire issue, usually a partially broken connection either where the cord attaches to the battery clamps (the usual cause) or at the entrance to the fixture. The wire to the battery clamp is serviceable in the field otherwise it needs to be returned to us for repairs.

What To Do if your light needs repair: We will pay for transporting the light both ways if the light is 90 days old or less. If it is older than 90 days, we will still repair it for free up to one year old, and return it to you for free, but you will need to get it to us. Our address is on our website. If you send it to us, please complete the Product Return form and include a copy in your box. Make sure you include a phone number.

The good news about LED repairs: These lights are very reliable. To date less than 1% of our lights have had a service issue. If a complete Led Strip needs replacement, it is a relatively low cost repair. These lights are engineered to provide years of reliable service. Even replacing complete strips is still cost effective. With reasonable care, these lights could last for as long as 10 years, maybe longer.