SPECIAL – 46 inch CHUBBY HD PDR LIGHT – Slightly used

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This Chubby light is gently used, but fully functional



The 46 inch Chubby HD PDR Light is the updated version of the fathead light.  This light works great for door dingers, showing a larger working area.  While Hail techs use this light for repairing rails and crosschecking.  The HD design has a more crisp line in the reflection which enhances the difference between the shadow and the dent and the surface of the paint.   When used with a dimmer, the PDR Tech can set up the right look for bringing the dent out.

It comes standard with a dimmer and 6 LED strips with alternating warm (yellow) and cool (white) lights in a wcwcwc pattern.  This configuration gives you the best flexibility in setting the view.  Contact Pro PDR for a special order if you’d like a different LED configuration

Dimensions: Length – 46″, Width – 12″, Height – 2″, Weight : 4 1/2 Pounds.  All lights include a 20ft coiled cord with battery clamps.

The 46″ Chubby HD PDR Light goes with the LS-3FH Stand.

Learn more at our PDR Light Guide.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 12 × 3 in